COOPRENA R.L. has its own travel agency “Simbiosis Tours”, commercializing the tourism products of its affiliates and other groups that belong to the value chains created in the communities they operate in. Through this commercialization COOPRENA has acquired extensive experience in the area of tourism analysis at a global level, as well as in the analysis of markets interested in Community-based Rural Tourism. Through the agency, the affiliates showcase themselves and start to generate income required for their development and fulfillment of their social and financial goals, generating a positive impact in the communities.

We offer a wide variety of products that will provide you with an authentic experience of Costa Rican life and this beautiful country. You will be able to experience living in a rural environment, visit places with impressive scenery, meet charismatic people, learn about culture and local traditions, stay at homely lodges and participate in activities that highlight the essence of rural life; and all of this in harmony with nature. This and more is what you will be able to enjoy when traveling with SIMBIOSIS TOURS … take the challenge and experience Community-based Rural Tourism – Sustainable by Nature!

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