Cooprena Consultores (Consultants)

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COOPRENA CONSULTORES (Consultants) is one of the units of COOPRENA R.L. generating income for the organization, and sharing the knowledge and experience obtained in all the different departments. The goal of this unit is to support tourism projects as well as any entity or business that wishes to hire its services, offering them experience obtained over the last 19 years. The unit is formed by a consolidated group of consultants with different specialties, who work as a team to provide high quality services. The consultancies carried out by COOPRENA CONSULTORES consist of a set of specific studies, personalized to fit the needs of the customer in each contract. And what is even more important is that even after the consultancy performed by COOPRENA CONSULTORES has been completed, COOPRENA R.L. still follows up to guarantee customer satisfaction and achievements. Consultancies include everything from general studies to the exchanging of experiences, coaching and specific training sessions.

Portfolio of consultancies:

The following is COOPRENA´s portfolio of consultancies available to its customers, classified by academic field.

empresa (C)capacit turismo  (C)
desarrollo  (C) proyectos  (C)

Information Technology Systems and Software

  • Quality Management Tool
  • It system for the control and analysis of customer satisfaction and quality management
  • Bookkeeping and reservations Software

We offer solutions at your fingertips, completely adapted to fit the identified needs in your (tourism) business.



  • 20 years of experience at the service of the tourism business market
  • We have a solid team formed by professionals who are specialized in the field of tourism and business administration. We will help you overcome different challenges that come up every day in the workplace.
  • With our experience we can offer you a wide range of integrated possibilities and solutions for your business.

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