Ruta chorotega

An encounter with the culture of Guanacaste

“La Ruta Chorotega”

               The past and present of the Chorotegan world

With roughly 4000 years of history, the Chorotega Route links together the main locations that still conserve the traditions of a rich cultural past, all in Guanacaste, one of the most important tourist regions of the country.

Santa Cruz…Cradle of the Culture of Guanacaste!

With over 220 years of history, Santa Cruz has been declared the national city of folklore of Costa Rica. It has the most authentic population of Guanacaste and is considered the most important urban settlement in the province, after its capital Liberia. Some of the most interesting folklore includes its popular cuisine and its traditional and colorful celebrations in honor of the Patron Saint, which feature rodeos and Costa Rican style (non-violent) bullfighting.

Furthermore, the marimba players here are famous due to their exceptional skills to play this traditional instrument that transcends borders. It is also the instrument that is the base for the folkloric music and dances of this town.

Enjoy the glorious panorama of valleys and plains of the chorotega countryside, where the combination of haciendas for cattle raising, agricultural fields and protected natural areas will provide the relaxing “smell of the countryside” inviting you to take it easy.

This impressive tour offers one of the best options to learn about its history and its people, the latter being a melting-pot of descendants of Mexican ethnicities, Spanish invaders and African slaves, due to a series of migrations initiating thousands of years ago.

I. Itinerary for the Half-day Tour “Tradition and Culture”

Experience an adventure full of customs and traditions together with the inhabitants of the communities in the area of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste; sustainable community-based rural tourism.

Visit to La Casona/ Guanacaste Folkloric Dance Show with Marimba /Exposition of the traditional pottery and handicrafts/ Workshop on making Tortillas/ Wagon ride.

10:00 am: Going northbound from Guaitil towards the town of Santa Cruz, we find the village of Santa Barbara where we will start an unforgettable experience. We´ll start with a visit of La Casona, where you will learn about the history of this house of over a hundred years, as well as a small description of some of the artifacts it houses.

12:00: We´ll have a traditional lunch prepared with ingredients typical of this area, such as rice with corn, hen with annatto, tortillas, salad, fresh natural seasonal fruit juices and a delicious traditional dessert. These meals are prepared with organic products, and at the same time you´ll be able to enjoy a show filled with traditional dances and marimba music representative for Guanacaste. Afterwards there will be artisans from different associations Included in the Chorotega Route, who will demonstrate how they make the Chorotega traditional pottery. They will also show souvenirs made of wood, tiles, and recycled materials. This will all take place within La Casona.

1:00 pm: We will go to a place in Santa Barbara where tortillas are made and you will receive a workshop on making tortillas.

2:00 pm: We´ll end with a wagon ride, horse ride or oxcart ride through the town, visiting the church, the school and the surroundings together with a local guide.

Services Included:

–      Visit to La Casona

–       Show of traditional folkloric dances of Guanacaste accompanied by a Marimba

–      Traditional lunch including: Rice with corn, hen with annatto, traditional dessert, fresh natural seasonal fruit juices

–      Exposition of the traditional pottery and handicrafts

–      Workshop on making Tortillas

–      Wagon ride or horse ride