The volunteer program is a program of social and environmental responsibility through which the volunteer will have the possibility to share with the members of the participating communities and learn from different cultural, social and environmental activities.


Generate socioeconomic development with environmental responsibility in the rural Costa Rican communities through organized programs of volunteer work for local and international visitors who wish to support these communities through an intensive cultural, social and environmental learning process.


The volunteer program is administered by COOPRENA R.L. and seeks to generate socioeconomic development for the families of rural Costa Rican communities as well as the conservation of the natural resources of the country. In order to achieve this, the program strategically aims at an integration process of the volunteers and families of the community. The volunteers learn about the way of life and local culture while they support the development of this rural community, through a process of social and environmental responsibility.

COOPRENA´s volunteer program is carried out in several different rural communities that have low economic development and ample natural resources. In each community the program is co-administered by a social economy organization responsible for the program on site. Each community has a diversity of programs which allow the volunteer to select the one that fits their preferences and wishes best. These communities are:

1. Program Sea Turtle Nesting Ostional Beach

2.Conservation of sea turtles at Buena Vista beach, Matapalo beach and Montezuma beach.

3.Volunteer program Agrozapotal

4. Volunteer  program Coopesanjuan, La Gloria, Aguas Zarcas.

5. Tell Volunteers- Coopesarapiquí in San Miguel de Sarapiquí

6. Volunteer Program Ranchos Tinamú, San Isidro de Dota

7. Volunteer Program Coopesilencio in Silencio, Quepos.

8.Volunteer Program Coopechurri in Yorkin, Bribrí.

Progama de voluntariado zonajes

For the duration of each program, the volunteer needs to behave according to the code of behavior designed for the volunteer program by COOPRENA R.L. and work for six hours a day, five days a week. The remaining two days a week will be used to relax in the community.

The methodology for this program is based on creating a win-win situation, where the community can count on manpower for their different social and environmental development programs and the volunteer will have a unique experience and acquire several different skills depending on the selected volunteer program. Moreover, the program gives the volunteer the opportunity to get in direct contact with the Costa Rican culture and not only learn about the way of life of peasant families through interaction with them, but also learn different skills and capabilities in the field of nature conservation and social situations.

Furthermore, as part of the actions in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility of COOPRENA R.L., the volunteer program will donate US$1 a day per volunteer to a local project dedicated to the conservation of nature or culture, or the development of underprivileged social groups.